Research and Development enterprise "NPP Spetsavia"

Research and Development enterprise "NPP Spetsavia", LLC is engaged in manufacturing of high-quality special formulations: heat-carrying agents, antifreeze, cooling liquids, low-freezing, cooling, hydraulic, shock absorber and other special liquids which are widely used in the civil sector of the economy and in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Production of oil field reagents used in the extraction, transportation and processing of oil and gas is another strategic activity of the company.

The regular customers of NPP Spetsavia are: largest state owned enterprises and oil companies, including the Directorate of rocket propellant and fuel of Resources provision Department of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the Directorate of petroleum, oil and lubricants of MOD of the Republic of Belarus, the Major Command of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, State-owned Unitary enterprise "Mostransavto" and "NK Rosneft".

Currently the production capacity of "NPP SPETSAVIA" is more than 105,000 tons a year.

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