For the purpose of smooth performance of its current operation, "NPP SPETSAVIA" periodically buys certain types of raw materials, chemical components, packing and other material assets which are necessary to ensure various technological cycles.

The types of products purchased, volumes (amounts) and procurement time of specific components, type of packaging, etc., requirements for supporting documents, as well as a set of standard documents for formalization of cooperation can be found here.

We invite the manufacturers or owners of the procurement objects relevant to our company, as well as all interested parties to discuss potential business cooperation. Assortment of procurement products may be subject to periodic correction depending on the production plans of "NPP SPETSAVIA".

You can choose the most suitable variant of connection with our company in "Contact Us" section.

Raw materials

Currently our company is purchasing the following types of raw materials and components:


  1. Benzotriazole
  2. Borax decahydrate, technical Grade B (sodium tetraborate), GOST 8429-77
  3. Distilled glycerin, technical grade, TU 6824-96
  4. Dextrin from potato starch, acidic, GOST 6034-74 with rev. 1-5
  5. Straw coloured dextrin from corn starch, acidic, GOST 6034-74
  6. Disodium phosphate (sodium acid phosphate), TU 2148-001-506 85486-2009
  7. Isopropanol (dehydrated isopropyl alcohol), GOST 9805-84, rev. 1
  8. Potassium nitrate, technical grade (saltpetre), GOST 19790-74
  9. Carbamide industrial (Grade А), GOST 2081-2010
  10. Pigment soluble fluorescein (Uranine А), TU 6-09-2464-82
  11. Methanol, technical grade, GOST 2222-95
  12. Sodium nitrate, technical grade (sodium nitrite), GOST 19906-74
  13. Soda nitrate, technical grade (sodium nitrate), GOST 828-77
  14. Nonahydrate sodium metasilicate (sodium silicate), TU 6-09-5337-87
  15. Sodium propionate
  16. Orthophosphoric acid, GOST 6552-80 with rev. 1-2
  17. Polyether 4202 (Laprol), TU 2226-039-05766801-2000
  18. Raw ethylene glycol, GOST 19710-83


  2. Lorol Spezial C8-C10 (C12-C14)
  3. Alkyl polyglycoside (ELSUR)
  4. Alpha olefin sulfonate (AOS-97P (Nansa LSS 495N, 480), AOS-93)
  5. Boric acid
  6. Butyl diglycol
  7. Potassium hydroxide (hydroxide, caustic potash, caustic soda), STO 002033121-017-2011
  8. Potassium formate (potassium formiate)
  9. Marlinat 242/70 (sodium sulfoetoxylate)
  10. Sodium benzoate, food grade, Е211, TU 6-09-2789-73
  11. Oxyethylene diphosphonic acid
  12. Paraformaldehyde
  13. Propylene glycol
  14. Tolyltriazole

Packaging materials

  1. Plastic canister, 10 l
  2. Plastic barrel, capacity 227 dm³ (215 kg)
  3. Metallic barrel, capacity 216.5 l
  4. Polymer capacity on pallet, in crate ("Intermediate Bulk Container, IBC"), capacity 1,000 l