Cooling fluids

In our company coolants (antifreeze) based on high-quality components of different chemical nature have considerable volume in the production cycle of technical fluids. These coolants are actively used as a heat carrier in cooling circuits of heat exchangers and thermal control systems.

A differential characteristic of these products is:

  • High boiling point
  • Low freezing temperature
  • High heat capacity and thermal conductivity
  • No negative impact on the life span of process equipment
  • Safety for human health and environment

By request of the customer these fluids may be produced as ready-to-use operating fluids with predetermined physical and chemical characteristics, and in the form of concentrates which can be diluted with distilled water to achieve the desired limit of crystallization temperature.

Antifreeze is used in systems operating at low temperatures, cooling systems of internal combustion engines, as well as deicing fluids, especially for pre-ground treatment of aircraft prior to flight.

Antifreeze is an essential component ensuring the normal operation of the internal combustion engine and preservation of its passport resource (reduced wear of parts and components) under different operational modes, taking into account the climatic conditions of the region of operation throughout the operational life of the vehicle.