Currently "NPP SPETSAVIA" produces a wide range of products, which is in demand by almost all sectors of the economy, and our several categories of special technical liquids are in strong demand in foreign countries.

Modern technological base, well-functioning manufacturing processes, extensive infrastructure and qualified staff provide the production and shipment of more than 105,000 tons per year of the following product groups:

All source raw materials and finished products undergo the input and output integrated quality control in an accredited laboratory, and according to the results each batch of finished product is supplied with the required supporting documents confirming its consumer characteristics, safety of operation, and etc. in accordance with the requirements of applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

The company organized product acceptance by an authorized representative of the customer ("Defense Acceptance") with capability to control all process stages. Arbitration samples, i.e. control samples used for the arbitration analysis which are stored on the enterprise within the time set by the regulatory acts are collected from each product batch released and shipped to the consumer.

Our company provides after-sales service of purchased products, including qualified regular monitoring of quality indicators and if the necessity arises adjustment of basic operating parameters to the quality targets by customer service assistants.